January 28, 2020

the stakes of French diplomacy in Africa

The challenges of French diplomacy in Africa presented for monaco resources group

Rémi Maréchaux, Director for Africa and Indian Ocean at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, presents the French diplomacy in Africa

Anchored in our geographical proximity, time throughout history as well as intense human exchanges and interactions France’s ties with Africa are close and Multidimensional.

The relationship is characterized first by the strength of the human bond. Our closest neighbour, Africa participates in our identity through a common history and through the African diasporas of France. While many of our compatriots have an origin that links them to Africa, on the other hand, more than 150,000 French people are based in Africa sub-Saharan Africa (and nearly 500,000 for the continent as a whole). La France is also part of the African space with its two departments of the Indian Ocean of Reunion and Mayotte, where more than one million French.

monaco resources group monaco
monaco resources group monaco

In many ways, our present and future are closely linked to those in Africa. The prosperity and security of countries Africa are now largely conditioning ours:

  • Because when it comes to safety and control counter-terrorism, the challenges are common and make an illusory commitment and vigilance that would not extend to African countries. The peace and security of the continent also determine our stability. This is the meaning, in particular, of our action in the Sahel;
  • Because, despite real heterogeneity, Africa is now an area of very strong economic growth and that it will remain so in the decades to come. Dynamism and prosperity Africa’s growing economy are opening up new opportunities for our france is one of the main partners economic growth of the continent, its second largest trading partner in Europe. Our companies must be able to contribute directly to this growth investment and value-added creation in Africa. On the based on strong complementarities, our mutually beneficial economic relations african countries are expected to strengthen;
  • Because the big global issues emerging, whether it is climate change or management migration will only find solutions with a strong commitment to Africa. They will also be impacted by population growth Africa will experience in the 21st century, its population from 1.2 billion today to 2.5 billion in 2050, in the context of intense urbanization;
  • Because the future of the French language and Francophonie is largely carried by Africans and that the increased influence of our language will be a challenge and an asset to manage with them;
  • Because African countries are like us committed to the defence of multilateralism and their interests converge with ours to promote better governance World.
monaco resources group monaco
monaco resources group monaco

Since independence, France has made the choice to develop strong relations with sub-Saharan African states of which we are now represented by 42 embassies (for 49 states sub-Saharan states) who lead a dense and diverse public network in the educational, cultural, scientific and economic fields (cultural and economic institutes) French alliances, French high schools, French Development Agency, research institutes…).

monaco resources group monaco
monaco resources group monaco

France has legitimate interests in Africa wants to promote in a partnership approach, based on transparency and reciprocity.

This is the meaning of the speech that the President of the Republic delivered, on 28 November 2017 at Ki-Zerbo University in Ouagadougou, during which he detailed a series of commitments, markers a new relationship, a new perspective, between France and the continent African.

Ouagadougou’s speech is innovating. African countries are our partners. The Chief of State has detailed a block of commitments to African youth, including girls’ education, entrepreneurship and mobility. It generally gives priority to employment, which depends first and foremost on the private sector investment, and innovation. The challenge is to allow African youth to invent a future on their continent.

It confirms the strong increase in our aid development in the service of a solidarity investment policy in a common future. Finally, it imposes a change of approach and method, not just on the issue of cultural property but also on the role african diasporas should be able to play a role in this Relationship.

monaco resources group monaco
monaco resources group monaco

This programme will be marked, during the five-year period, by highlights such as the season of African cultures in France (Africa 2020), which was entrusted to the Commissioner General, Ms. N’Gone Fall, and the Africa-France summit in 2020 on the theme of sustainable city. The G7 under French presidency in 2019 will invite a partnership with Africa in inviting several African countries to its work on combating Inequalities.

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